Frequently Asked Questions


Get to know more about our products. Here is a short list of our most common questions.

A Titer test is a measure of antibodies in the blood, providing a check of immunity to diseases. The results of the test then allow a vet to determine whether a vaccination is required.


Totally up to you! As long as they are fully qualified and registered with all the relevant authorities.

No, unfortunately not. We do offer cover for hereditary conditions on some of our plans, but that cover is subject to a 90 day stand-down period.
No, ringworm is an illness. An example of an accidental injury is a broken leg resulting from your animal trying to jump over a wall, or being hit by a car.
You can have as many insurance policies as you like, but the combined amount you receive from the various insurers (as a claim payout) can’t exceed the actual value of your loss. If you hold a policy with another insurer, you must inform us when you claim and we will pay our portion as indicated in your policy wording.
We cover prescribed medication up to a set limit on our Basic, Classic and Deluxe plans. This includes chronic medication. Remember though, that we don’t cover medication for pre-existing conditions.

We can only expect that you let us know anything that you would reasonably be expected to know. We would also suggest you get your new fur-baby a check-up ASAP so that you know if you can expect any health problems in the future. 

This is one that you need to be careful with. We cover allergies, but only when they are a result of an external factor (from outside the body). An example of something that would be covered- Mr Whiskers got a rash from a plant that he brushed up against in the garden. An example of something that would not be covered- Mr Whiskers was born with asthma and has just had an asthma attack.

Yes, you will be covered! We view this as an accident and all our plans cover accidents. 


Yes we do, but only on our optional Wellness plan that you can add to the Classic or Deluxe plan.

Remember you don’t need to cancel your policy to make changes on things like adding or removing pets, upgrading/downgrading your plan or updating your card details. 


However if Dotsure isn’t right for you and your pet/s you can cancel your policy anytime through the account portal. 


Once you login you’ll see the screen below showing you your policies. Choose the pet policy you wish to cancel and click on the Trashcan button.

A pop-up message will appear asking you to Accept your decision and the reason for your cancellation.

It’s as easy as that!