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What Is Pet Insurance?


It’s simple – when your pet gets sick or injured, Dotsure helps pay the vet bill! Our plans cover veterinary expenses resulting from accidental injury and/or illness for your pet/s. They also protect against damage caused by your pet/s to other people’s property or person. 


Dotsure is a NZ owned pet insurance specialist. We are 100% committed to protecting you and your pet/s from the unnecessary shock of another, unaffordable vet bill.


Although Dotsure is new to NZ, we are underwritten by Pacific International Insurance which has proudly operated in NZ since 2001.

How Does It Work?

  • Select the Dotsure plan that suits you best.
  • Get the best treatment you can if your pet/s is injured or gets sick.
  • Send us your bills and we will transfer your claim entitlement to your account.

Dotsure Benefits That Matter


Take out the financial stress associated with unexpected illness
or injury by getting the best veterinary cover for your pet/s.

Name Your Price

Our flexible pricing structure lets you choose the cover you want at a price you choose. 


Multiple Pet Discount

Claim our multiple pet discount when you add two or more pets to a policy and get a discount on your entire premium!

Cover Your Vet Costs

We cover veterinary expenses resulting from accidental injury and/or illness for your pet.


Our policies protect you against damage your pets cause to other people or their property.

Wellness Benefits

Our Wellness plan covers vaccinations, spaying, micro-chipping, advertising and reward for lost pets, boarding fees, cremation costs and more.

No Waiting Periods For Accidents

Accidents can happen at any time. That’s what insurance is for! We promise to protect your pets against accidents from day one.

Month-to-Month Cover

Enjoy ultimate flexibility by opting for month-to-month cover with no cancellation penalties.

Online Ease

Enjoy the benefits of our online model and get fast, simple, paperless claims through our easy to use online portal.

Payment Flexibility

Choose a premium, a co-payment and a level of cover that best fits your needs. The power is yours!

What Is Covered
  • Accidents
  • Third party liability
  • Veterinary treatment expenses
  • Non-elective euthanasia
  • Prescription medication
  • Hospitalisation and operating theatre costs
  • Radiology and pathology
  • Illness and injury (optional)
  • Vet visits and non-elective medical procedures (optional)
What’s Not Covered
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Dental treatment
  • Any breeds that are illegal to own under New Zealand laws
  • Cost relating to statutory quarantine
  • Hereditary conditions for the first 90 days after the start of your cover
  • Breeding, pregnancy or giving birth
  • Behavioural problems

Our Plans


We have designed our plans to be straightforward and simple so you can spend less time choosing and more time with your pet/s. Just remember, the limits to each benefit is different for each plan  – these will always be outlined in your Certificate of Insurance.

Most Popular
Emergency Plan
Basic Plan1
Classic Plan2
Deluxe Plan3
Prescribed medication
Operating theatre costs
Non-elective euthanasia
Other Costs: Vet visits & medically required non-elective procedures
Hereditary condition treatment
Third party liability4

Wellness Benefits (these benefits are only applicable if Wellness Cover is taken)

Advertising and reward if your pet goes missing
De-sex or micro-chip
Boarding fees
Replacement for loss due to illness

Important Information

Waiting periods

Accidental: 0 days, Illness: 21 days, Liability: 21 days, Wellness: 21 days, Hereditary: 90 days.


Across all plans, there will be a 10%, 20%, and 30% option. On the Basic plans, there is a 50% co-payment on illness claims. Co-payments on hereditary conditions will be 30%.

Wellness benefits

Advertising and Reward, Cremation, Annual Vaccinations, De-sex, Microchip, Boarding Fees, Death from Illness.

Liability cover

Liability provides cover for amounts you may become legally liable to pay for loss of or damage to property, death or bodily injury to any person caused by your insured pet.

name your price pet insurance

Give your pet the cover they deserve, at a price you can afford. From accidental cover, to full wellness benefits, we have a solution to suit your pet’s unique lifestyle.

Our Blogs

[1] The Basic Plan is not available for rabbits.

[2] The Classic Plan is not available for rabbits.

[3] The Deluxe Plan is not available for rabbits.

[4] Third party liability is not available for rabbits.